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I’ve updated my dexter page with information on the animals currently available for purchase.  Right now we have the following available: Cranberry (4 year old) , Junie B. (coming yearling), Ivy (heavy bred coming 2 year old) and Zelda (coming yearling).  We’re in WNY between Jamestown and Fredonia.  See my Irish dexter cattle page for more information. Cranberry and Junie 1:15Zelda 1:15Ivy 1:15 Also starting a search of my own for Dominique chicks and (if I can convince John) Midget White Turkeys.  Do you know anyone in the WNY/NWPA area who has either one?  I’m changing up what chickens I’m trying to raise. If anyone is interested in working with the White Chanteclers I have, I’d be happy to pass them along.  They are starting to get some age on them (several are my original chicks from April 2011).  I’m not positive if some of them are full Chantecler (the younger ones).  I’ve got 4 original hens plus an offspring rooster and 3 offspring hens.  I’ve also got a Chantecler/bantam ameraucana cross hen. I’m moving on to a different breed in hopes of meeting our needs a little better- more geared to eggs, better camouflage for free ranging, better able to reproduce themselves.  I’ve had poor results in raising chicks, both in surviving eggs (broody or incubator) and in not loosing partly grown chicks to predatory birds.  Everything I didn’t intend to keep, on the other hand, has done better for me.  In some ways I hate to give up on them, but in other ways, I’m okay with moving on.


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The 3 year old dexters (Norma and Lannie) returned from a visit with the neighbors bull.  They are actually a bit more approachable now than when they left, which surprised me.  Hopefully they’ll continue to settle in and decide I’m not a bad milk maid.  I took a picture of all 4 of my dexter girls this morning and found it amazing how big that calf has gotten.  If it wasn’t for the horns, they’d be much harder to tell apart.


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