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An idea for mothers day

This is what I made my mom for mothers day last year. It’s a compilation of a few different ideas that morphed into it’s own idea.  My mom likes gardening and flowers.

It is a “bouquet” of plantable flowers. The idea is you can stick the stem in the ground where you want the flowers planted. The seeds fall off in the weather onto the ground and grow. (Or you can pull them apart and put them on the ground to spread them out a little better). I don’t know if it actually works to just stick them in the ground- maybe the birds think it’s a great snack! My mom pulled them apart.

The first concept was the handprint flower. You trace around your hand, cut it out, curl the fingers by pulling them along the edge of a pair of scissors, and wrap them around the end of a stick, dowel, etc. I traced a master pattern of each of my girls hands, as well as mine and my husbands. Then I didn’t have to fight as hard to trace multiple flowers! I cut and curled, then used some various diameter fallen branches from the backyard as the “stems.” I used glue to secure the paper to the stick- I just glued, wrapped the paper around, slightly overlapped, and secured with a clothespin or rubber band until it dried.

The second concept is a home made seed tape. I’d seen a posting at giverslog that used strips of newspaper dotted with a flour paste at appropriate intervals, then you can stick your seeds on for perfectly spaced veggies and fewer wasted seeds. (I didn’t make any seed tapes last year, but might get to it this year.  If I do, I’ll try to share how it goes.)   I made a flour paste, brushed it on the flowers I had made, and sprinkled them with seeds. It took about a package for each handprint, but it probably depends on how carefully you apply the seeds and how large your packages are. I also labeled the flower variety at the base of the flower.

My two problems: The flour paste caused my pretty curled petals to get floppy. It also lacked much staying power. I gave it to my mom within hours of making it, but a little agitation seemed to make seeds fall easily.

If I was going to make them again, I’d just try spots of washable glue. It probably would keep the petals from getting so wet and flopping, and would better secure the seeds, but still let them drop outside once wet. You could also work to come up with a more reliable home-made glue. I’m sure there’s some recipes out there!

I had also thought about the swirled paper roses, but they didn’t work well for me when I tried them, so I abandoned that idea. If you can make the paper roses look good, or tissue paper roses, or any other paper (degradable) flower, they would probably work also.

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