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Here it is- busy book number 3!

Drumroll please…

The end of the busy bags has come.  As of Tuesday evening I’m out of time to craft- I must clean and pack for our trip.  I’ve got lacing cards in progress that are quick, so I’m sneaking them in, but can’t write about them yet.  Look for them after the New Year.

This last busy book is mostly a collection of some of my favorites I’ve seen from other sites.

Page 1: Chalkboard fabric with mini eraser (4 layers of felt stitched in several lines and the outside 2 layers snipped between the stitch lines.)  Pocket for chalk and eraser, sample drawings of shapes to practice/copy.  I saw it here at Testy Yet Trying.

Page 2:  Paint pallete with brush (and pocket for the brush).  They can pretend to paint things in the book (or out of it) with the paint brush and “paint.”  I saw the ideas here at Serving Pink Lemonade.

Page 3- counting beads- just beads on ribbons with corresponding numbers.  I originally saw this from an etsy listing pinned on pinterest.  My pin of it is here if you want to see it/see if it’s still listed at Etsy.  I’ve since seen other versions.  Mine goes to 17 because that’s what I had room to fit, and ribbon and bead colors to make.

Page 4:  Weave the lattice pie crust.  I saw it at this blog devoted to quiet books and immediately knew it had to make it into the book.  It’s actually from over at The Daley News.  The lattice pieces are sewn on one end and snapped on the other so they can be detached and woven.


I’ve made peace with my snap setter on this project- finally!  Now I don’t have to be afraid to use it anymore!  Almost every time I use it the spiky piece gets offset and sticks through funny and doesn’t hold the snap piece on.  But did you know the plier style setter will HOLD the spiky side for you?  Mine is a red flexible ring.  The outie snap side fits into the hole on the other side of the pliers (I knew that already).  I finally took off the silly yellow ring that was too large to do any good for the innie snap, and the circle that’s left on the pliers is actually the same size as the snap (go figure!) and lines up with the bottom side.  Sorry if that’s something you already knew, but I wish I’d known that YEARS ago while I was trying to make my first diapers.  So I thought I’d share in case anyone else has been too long defeated by their snap setter.  Sorry for the tangent!

Page 5:  Put your hand in the glove.  Mine is 2 scraps of sweater left from my little girls sweater dress upcycle.  My inspiration is from a pin of an Etsy listing where they used a mitten.  My pin of it is here if you want to see it/see if it’s still listed at Etsy.  But how much more to little kids need the practice of getting their fingers in all the right holes of those gloves?!  Hours of frustration may be saved by this page alone!  I did a generous tracing of my hand and zig-zag stitched around the edge.  The cuff is a folded over piece to leave a nice clean edge on the bottom.  My hand ALMOST fits, but not quite.

Page 6:  Decorate the Christmas tree.  I came up with this one all by myself (I am not totally dependent upon pinterest!)  Flaps on the side of the page conceal beads on green ribbon that can be slid over (as many as you choose) to decorate the tree.  The top ribbon has your choice of a star or an angel to top your tree.  Those are just cut out of felt with a bit of fabric paint.  A felt layer on each side sandwiches the bead that slides on the string.


Page 7:  A clock.  I saw one on pinterest that was on Etsy.  Not because I love clocks, but because it’s a valuable learning tool, and it was a fairly quick page to make to fill out this book! My pin of it is here if you want to see it/see if it’s still listed on Etsy.   The hands are more of that ketchup bottle (from Flat Franny’s feet in the Baby Fran busy book) covered in fabric.  They are free to move.  There’s an eyelet at the base of each clock hand and in the center of the clock.  The button in the front is threaded through to a shank button behind the page so nothing is actually stitched to the page- just button to button.  That holds it in place and lets it spin.

Page 8:  The hair page- my version.  I saw one over at The Daley News again.  Mine is just a large size back of a head.  The hair is sewn down in 4 layers.  I made the hair by putting a layer of tape (sticky side up) on the edge of a scrap of wood (roughly 8″ wide by 12″ long).  I wound the yarn around the wood, but another layer of tape over the top of the yarn, snipped the bottom edge free, and sewed over the yarn sandwiched between the tape several times.  Then remove the tape and you have a weft of hair.  with a seam down the middle.  That seam I stitched at the top of the head (more T-shirt from Baby Fran) and divided the bottom and top portions in half.  The bottom porton was sewn at the base of the neck and the next row up.  The top portion was sewn at the row just down from the top and the rest left at my original stitch line.  A band at the side will hold clips.  I don’t officially have anything for bands, and I haven’t stitched in a comb yet, but may at some point in time.


Last page!!!!:  A memory game.  The idea is based on these that have felt fringe covering a bead and a corresponding bead at the top.  There’s one over here at Little Hands, Big Work, and another by a Flickr user here. Of course I had to make mine more difficult.  Mine has flaps to lift and 4 beads, each on their own ribbon under each row allow you to re-set the board differently each time.  So each bead can be placed in one of 4 spaces.  Once you find a match you have to pull the ribbon down to remove it from under the flaps so you can slide the matched beads to the side WITHOUT PEAKING (on accident, of course) at what else is in the row.  I should have left room on the right so if you’ve got two players, one could slide to the left and the other to the right if you want to keep score.

The flaps are a double layer of T-shirt that I sewed in a grid (double each seam and cut between them to make the square for each flap).  I cut my grid into 4 rows and didn’t completely cut through the top of the row when I cut the flaps apart so I could sew on rows instead of individual flaps.  It still took WAY too much time to do this page, though!  In part because I started out with skinny ribbon and got it done and realized the skinny ribbon let beads slide all over the place so they didn’t stay behind their flaps.  The wider ribbon is a good friction fit inside of the beads, so they’ll stay in place.  My ribbons are tied together in pairs on the ends, so at least instead of sewing over 32 little ribbon ends on each side it was only 16… Like I said, way too long, but I’m at least satisfied with the results.

The end of the busy books!  There’s so many neat ideas out there, though!

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I’ve got 2 of 3 finished and the 3rd is mostly  in my mind still…

Here’s pics of what I’ve got so far.  The first is from a vintage Vogue Pattern (#1959) “It’s a zoo full of teaching pets!”  It’s got some minimal modifications.  The second is mostly my own creation (at least, I haven’t seen anything else like it to acknowledge at this point).  The basic inspiration is from a “Close your Clothes” busy book, but I had baby clothes to upcycle and 3 little girls currently obsessed with all things baby- and I’m NOT ready for another one yet.  So I came up with Flat Franny instead.  She’s not beautiful, but she’s functional.


First, the critters (in no particular order).

A turtle- the shell snaps and when open it reveals a heart.


A kangaroo with a pocket to unclip (original pattern is a buckle) with a joey in the pouch.  The joey reminds me a bit of Ziggy.  He’s ugly.  next time I’ll use fabric paint.  Maybe I won’t bother attaching the string in hopes he gets lost and needs to be replaced…


A pelican with fish that can be hooked and unhooked from the fishing pole

A lion with a tail to braid

A hippo with buttons to close his mouth


A giraffe with 3 ties on his neck to practice tying.

An elephant with skates to button and unbutton

An alligator- the mouth zips open so the alligator can lick the ice cream cone with a tongue inside the zipper pouch.

Coach bear- with a lace up and tie baseball glove.

And the last page is my own addition- a zebra with a gift box that un-velcros to reveal a cake to celebrate.  (The candles are the velcro)


I made this book once before (wish I could find those pics!)  For a niece’s 2nd Birthday- 5 years ago now, I think.

Now for Baby Fran:

She’s an old T-shirt and some brown yarn, a dab of fabric paint, and a white E-bead for that little tooth.  She even has a mouth that recesses into her head.

Page 1-Change her diaper (can’t be without “goop” for that!)  These are the only remove-able pieces from the book- except for Franny herself.  The cloth and goop velcro on for storage.


Page 2- the onesie.  All the outfits have an outline of where they’re supposed to be in the book, and velcro or snaps to keep them there when not in use.  All clothing except for the diapers have a ribbon to keep them with the book, but let Fran go from page to page to do her other baby activities.  Outfits are miniaturized versions of the original garment.  It’s fairly easy to do once you get started.  Here are some sites with tips on how to make a larger garment into a kid or doll sized garment.  Adult sweater to kid sweater tutorial can be found at Dana Made It (which is also helpful if you want to make a little girls sweater dress.)  Baby clothes to doll clothes can be found at Obsessively Stitching.  She’s got more than one tutorial for different garments.  Take that and run with it and you’ll have some cute outfits for your own Flat Franny in no time!


Page 3 is socks and booties.  Fran doesn’t have much in the feet department, so these baby socks and booties are on her um… “stand in” feet.  They’re made from the same T-shirt that she was, but they have a ketchup bottle cut out to keep them in the proper form.  The socks are tied at the toe, the booties at the heel.


Page 4 is the feeding page- perhaps the favorite for my girls.  This is also the page that’s most likely to get tangled since Fran will probably have some clothing on (1 string) and there’s 3 strings on this page- one to the spoon, one to the bowl, and one to the cloth to clean her up when she’s done.  We’ll see.  The spoon has a pocket for storage, the bowl and the cloth snap on.  The bib is sewn on one side a couple inches above the snap, so it can go on Franny and then she sits at the page to be fed.  The other side of the bib has velcro to keep it in place in the book.


Page 5- a different outfit for Franny.

Page 6- her scarf and hat.  They’re sewn on, but minimally so the hat can still be flipped up and down and tied on the top, and the scarf can wrap around and tie on baby Franny.  Doesn’t she look silly with just a diaper and her scarf and hat?  THAT is why I needed her outfits to move to other pages!


Page 7- Bath Time!  The top of the tub is open so she can go in and out of the tub.

Page 8- PJ’s


Page 9- a blanket to swaddle her.  It  will velcro shut to either side for the last flap that’s folded over.


That’s all for now!  I’ll add the other busy book when it’s done- but it may not get posted ’til after the New Year- we’ll see how busy things get!

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