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Excitement at my house!  At least for me.  John’s just tolerating 😉  We’ve finally worked out our “deals” on what chickens I can get and how many.

We’re getting 9 White Chantecler chicks from Kerryann at Tukswitt farms– we’ll be meeting her near Pittsburgh on April 23 to pick them up.  I’d also planned to do an order from Ideal hatchery to get some assorted Chanteclers for a little color- they allow smaller orders and send “warming chicks” to fill the box.  John wanted me to find someone to split an order with so that we wouldn’t have to find something to do with the little packing peanuts.  Unfortunately, over the course of the past week, everything went from available to sold out 😦  Guess I’ll have to remember to order VERY early from them if I ever want to try again!

Enter the new option- “Ameraucanas.” I use the term loosely, as from what I’ve read, it’s hard to find true Ameraucana’s from the hatcheries.  They’re mostly “Easter Eggers.”  We’ll see how they compare to the standards, I guess.  They are cold hardy, colorful, friendly, and have fun blue/green eggs (at least supposed to be) I decided to go bantam sized on these guys for a variety of reasons- less feed, maybe I can get a good broody hen to raise some more Chanty chicks under, and the kids may like them more since they’re smaller.  I talked to the local feed store and will plan to order 6 with them sometime in April.  I believe they’ll be coming from Stromberg’s hatchery.

We also ordered the chicken wire that will go around the garden/chicken run.  AND I found someone locally who thinks he can make the locust split rail fence for a reasonable price. I’ll be sure to take pics when we get it/get it put up.  The fence will support the chicken wire and make it look a little nicer than just posts.

Progress is being made…

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