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I took a long trip on Friday to pick up my dexter cows.  Saturday I had another long drive to pick up my white chantecler chicks.  They cheeped at me all the way home, and have been doing wonderfully!  Thanks to Kerryann at Tukswitt Farm for making a livestock delivery this direction!  I got a bonus chick and ended up with 10 little peepers.


I have put a dab of color on each head with a magic marker to try to keep track of who is who.  That way I can record any observations and look back to know the history of the chicks better.  (Like any indicators that might help me tell males from females when they’re little.)

Now to build the coop and fence the garden/run space…

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Here’s a look at our new girls.  Just from a distance.  I’ll have to work on getting some closer ones.

They are Ellie Mae (12- blue halter), her baby Cranberry (born last Thanksgiving day), Eleanor (3- purple halter), and Norma (3- red halter).  I need to come up with a new name for Eleanor, since I can’t have 2 Ellie’s and Norah is too close to Norma.  So I think I’ll call her either Lannie or Leah.  They’re still a bit skittish of me (except for Ellie- she’s truly a sweetie.  If you want to come see them and have any chance of touching one, it will be her).  Ellie and Norma have been hand milked (one of the major reasons I decided to purchase!)  But Ellie is the only one currently in milk, and none of them are currently bred.

Dexters are a natural miniature- there’s no full size version.  Eleanor is only 32″ tall, and Ellie can’t be much more.  Norma might be 36″?

These girls are tethered for now while we get a fence built.  It’s just as well, though, as it allows me to interact and get closer to them right now so they’ll get used to me.  Cranberry is still a free spirit.  She didn’t come with a halter on, and slipped out of the rope as soon as she got out of the trailer.  But since she’s not near the road and sticks close to mama for now, I’m okay with letting her roam.

Any votes on what to call Eleanor?

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Hello world!

Yup.  Hello world.  A little corner to share my interests, when I can find some time!

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